How to Promote Your WeChat Official Account

The launch of WeChat Official Account has revolutionized the whole digital marketing world.

The emergence of WeChat Official Account has already unveiled Tencent’s mysterious mask from a simply MIM (Mobile Instant Messenger) into a multifunctional mobile end integrating mobile commerce, gaming and CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and Mobile Payment.

At a pace of an increase of 8,000 per day, Official Accounts have emerged more than a WeChat platform for businesses to target at the customers more accurately and efficiently, they’re evolving into the most influential Brand Management Tool and Customer Service platform (CRM per se) ever.

“Online communications and national security has already become a conspicuous problem standing before us,” said President Xi Jinping during a speech in November, in which he mentioned WeChat by name.

The consistency, instancy, and long-lasting ability have enable businesses or entities with unexpected power with expansive functions; with the Launch of WeChat 5.0, two types of official accounts have been evolved into Services Account and Subscription Account.

So how businesses promote their WeChat Official Account as their integrated marketing communication plan?
  1. Realizing the fact there’re barely no fans to befriend the Official Account upon the launch of it or no fans even ever know the existence of the platform, you’d better promote the platform with functions in your WeChat personal account at the first step. The functions, to some extent, refer to the basic capabilities that personal WeChat account can take advantage of to reach out potential target audience, which is to say, utilize the Posts (Re-posts), and Moments Sharing associated Like function with each section, Drift Bottle, etc.

In that case, Follow the Official Account by your own personal account by all means;
and share any information related to the platform in the Moment Sharing. Meanwhile, create valuable and worth-spreading, namely, leads-to-be-generated articles, posters, CTA (Call-to-Action) Coupons or so, in the Subject Management under the Official Account Management;

repost the contents in the Moments of your personal account, aiming to draw attentions and to attract traffic via personal influence; in the future step, share the App of your own brand via Moments among Friend Circle since there’re already 20,000 Apps accessed to WeChat by the end of 2013.

2. Submit and promote the Official Account via JuWeixin or WeixinJu, etc. platforms which resemble Yellow Pages with advanced visualized directory, thus to attract traffic to follow the Account; subsequently, the valuable posts are about to being re-posted, thus to driving sustainable traffic to follow the account. Under collaborations with exemplified directory platforms above, we might have neglected the cruel fact that peer competitors could easily replace the account we’re launching. Thus a clear-through competitor and comparative advantage analysis should have been tackled down before setting off, as well as sustainable competitive strategies to be prepared with. Though official account managers can pay premium in place of Sticky Posts of their platform, yet not everyone incline to spare that fortune in face of uncertain future conversions of target customers.

3. Forward the Official Account information via other social Platforms in personal accounts to friends, colleagues, relatives, and other acquaintances; trigger Follows toward the Official Account; enhance views and user-generated contents as many as possible. Similarly, approach friends from QQ Group, QQ Zone, QQ friends, Sina Weibo, Renren, etc. to invite followers at large.

One of the most appealing and competitive feature of WeChat, compared with its main competitor like Whatsapp, lies on its APIs with which Official accounts can work as web apps; thus embedding WeChat official account via various social media deems destined to enhance the exposures as well as Reach and Frequency.

4. Take advantage of BBS and various forums, Blog post at any advertorials related to the Official Account, or graphic and text information about the Official account. Consequently, remember to post the account name and QR code of the Official Account. BBS and Forum function extremely well and have popularized among various categories in China’s market; thus plenty of businesses spare large portion of budget there to reinforce their content marketing due to the fact of being less influential for blogs in China. Basically, contents in BBS and forums are user-generated contents, regardless some of them being hired to create buzzes, and assumed to be credible. Therefore, to integrate this organic content section will tremendously enhance the whole content marketing strategy.

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